Wednesday, July 27, 2005

¡Cuba Libre!

Val was kind enough to include Heigh-ho in a post listing blogs covering Castro's latest assault on liberty and human rights. I know it's hard to maintain any sort of real focus on this communist fossil, what with the war in Iraq, Ossama's terror, and Kim Jong Il playing with nuclear fire. But please remember that there are 11 million people living just off our shores whose lives and liberty have been squashed by a murderous tyrant for almost 50 years! I'm a patient man, but...

Val's right about Castro's best weapon being his control of information at home and the lack of information abroad. That has just got to change.
If the mainstream media won't tackle the job, then by God the pamajahadeen damn well will.

Do what you can.


Good Lord I do so hate this man.

CUBA: Veteran activist says 3 dissidents could be tried (last item)

HAVANA (AP) - Three dissidents still held after a police roundup last week could be tried on charges of working to undermine Fidel Castro's communist government, a veteran activist said Wednesday.

The news that dissident attorney Rene Gomez Manzano, independent journalist Oscar Mario Gonzalez and opposition political activist Julio Cesar Lopez could go to trial came the morning after Castro lashed out at opponents as "traitors" and "mercenaries" in his annual rebellion day speech.

"Cuba's alleged opposition does not exist except in the feverish minds of the Cuban-American mafia and the bureaucrats of the White House and the State Department," Castro said before a gathering of government faithful at Havana's Karl Marx Theater.

No opposition? Listen, Fidel, put down the crack pipe or what ever it is you're smoking and take a look around. Have you ever heard of these guys before?

No? Why they're the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society. They're only a group of some 365 independent organizations looking to open society and establish a democracy in place of your Socialist "paradise."

Odd that you shouldn't know about any opposition seeing as these brave folks staged a demostration in Havana on May 20, 2005 against the social and political repression served up by your dictatorship.

Odd that you should choose to arrest René Gómez Manzano, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello and Félix Bonne Carcassés - the three Executive Committee members of the Assembly.

No opposition? Perhaps you should read the comphensive listing of some 470 seperate opposition organizations put out by CUBASOURCE. Perhaps you should look out the window and count the number of people cheering the anniversary of your fifty-second year as a tyrant.

No opposition? It is not the minds of others that are feverish, old man.

Your days are numbered.

"One revolution is still necessary: the one that will not end with the rule of its leader. It will be the revolution against revolutions, the uprising of all peaceable individuals, who will become soldiers for once so that neither they nor anyone else will ever have to be a soldier again." - Jose Marti

BLOG OF NOTE: I've found Val Prieto's Babalu Blog to be a most comprehensive source for information regarding the dictator currently residing the presidential Palace in Havana...and about those who will one day show that bastard and his cronies the door. Keep an eye on this story, people. I think the grip may be starting to slip.


Jehane said...

Val's a nice guy. I wrote something last year about Cuba and he was incredibly nice and helpful, and he didn't know me from Adam.

My brother used to live in Miami. We passed through there again recently and I was surprised to hear (I can understand a good deal of Spanish even if I can't speak it fast enough to keep up) a lot of buzz - didn't think it meant anything at the time though. People talk, they always talk about it.

But it would be nice if, this time, came of it. I'd love to see Jimmy Carter's nose get rubbed in his own hypocrisy.

KJ said...

Carter and Castro sitting in a tree . . .

Neither man is good for his country.

leftside said...

Val from Babalu blog is a hypocrite. He banned me and others from posting rational, truthful comments that happen to disagree with him and his hard-line clique.

We can disagree about what Cuba represents. I see a place that has eradicated homelessness, hunger, and disease (like AIDS). A place where what one's opportunities are not confined by class, race or gender. A place where top notch art, culture and education are treated with the utmost of respect and available to all for free. Cuban students ranked so far ahead of other Latin America kids in basic math, science, reading that the researchers thought there'd been a mistake 2 years ago.

No most people aren't able to buy a lot of things. But to speak of an opposition to Castro and socialism is just plain wrong. The totality of your supposed 395 oppositional groups met a few weeks ago - and guess what - only 150 people showed. This is beacuse "groups" are actually 1 or 2 people, who are also the heads of a couple other "groups." The opposition was exposed 2 years ago for its reliance on US and (then) Spanish taxpayer money and direction. I was in Cuba 2 years ago, a few weeks after a historic election in Cuba showed that 90% of Cubans voted to retain socialism as the base of Cuban society. Some want better, but no one wants these so-called dissidents or Miami mafia - or US liberals - to tell them anything. They know more about capitalism than we do.

Anonymous said...

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