Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We Are The World...Now Gimmee.

Second to last item
Will Smith has sparked controversy by accepting a $12,749 goody bag for appearing at Saturday's Live 8 concert in Philadelphia.

Smith, Stevie Wonder and Bon Jovi enjoyed a backstage gourmet menu of crispy calamari salad and salmon sushi while appearing at the American charity event to end poverty in Africa.

The stars have been accused of undermining the concert's message, by going home with Hugo Boss suits, watches, jewelry and guitars.

Nothing to see here, folks.


Fly me to the moon.
Cass is getting jiggy with the self-less ones.


Jehane said...

Can these people get any more self-absorbed?

I didn't think so.

KJ said...

Are you aware yet?

spd rdr said...

I just noticed my belly button looks different in the daytime. Does that count?

Jehane said...

Different than what???

*running away*

KJ said...

Awareness is next to left wing, pinko commie-ness.

spd rdr said...

Oh. It's also full of lint.

Jehane said...

I was hoping for something more exciting than that, mr rdr.

Everyone was blogging about Live 8 today. Hatemongers Quarterly, the Llamabutchers... I can't believe Jeff at BA wasn't all over it, tacky as it was, but apparently he's off having a Life or something. I shall have to take him to task for that.

Normally I'm oblivious to what everyone else is doing, unless it just annoys the living (*&^ out of me. This must have been a bigger deal than I thought... I had sort of written it off as one of those fits of idiocy that comes along every now and then.

spd rdr said...

I actually paid no attention to the whole thing. I only glommed on to a teeny bit scandal to embarass the "High and Virtuous" because I am an old man incapable of generating a woodie for Bono, Paul McCartney, Madonna, or Elton John (we are feelin' alright!)I do appreciate that "we can change the world" festivals do provide for great opportunities to score for the younger set, and that helps me swallow the absurdity of "the mission." I am just glad that I didn't live long enough to see 70 year old Joe Cocker reprise "With A Little Help From My Friends."