Friday, July 29, 2005

Insensitive Moron Book Fair

I've got real work to attend to today.
Please read quietly at your desks and discuss the following N.Y. Times book review as regards the following question:
Is mere contempt enough punishment, or should society be allowed to stomp the living crap out of wholesale idiots ?

Thank you.

Bombing Victim's Wife Writes to bin Laden, With Proposition

It was an unfortunate coincidence that "Incendiary," Chris Cleave's debut novel about a terrorist attack on a London soccer stadium, was published in England on July 7 - the very day that real terrorists bombed three London subway trains and a bus, killing more than 50 and injuring hundreds more.

It is a case of simple tastelessness, however, that this novel begins with the words "Dear Osama ..." and ends with its heroine imploring the Qaeda leader to leave his cave and move in with her: "I will hide you from the law and put all your CD's back in their right boxes with their labels facing front," she declares. "We'll make a new start the 2 of us."

Read the rest if you can stand it. I can't.


Jehane said...

Why not just let her move in with Osama?

Sounds like they're a match made in heaven.

spd rdr said...

But what about my question?

Cassandra said...

All right, a serious answer.

Contempt is enough. They are only words, after all, no matter how painful or stupid, and if someone assaults you with their open hand it seems the proper response is an open-handed slap in return, not an AK-47. I suppose I'd suit the punishment to the crime and lambast the author.

spd rdr said...

Wrong answer...but I'll go along for the sake of keeping everybody happy.

Cassandra said...

Sigh...why am I the only one who ever takes you on, O Feisty One? And then I usually get soundly thumped unless you pull your punches.

I know it's not what you wanted to hear. And not where my instincts lead me either - my stomping foot was tapping just as hard as yours.

But I think it must be what makes us different from them. When you allow other people to make you forget who you are, you have started down a road few have the strength of will to turn back from.

I can't speak for others, but such a reaction, for me, could only come from fear or anger and I find they make poor masters. Better to drag such ugliness into the light of day so everyone can see it.

Then mock it mercilessly. But that's just me :)

Or maybe I just find mockery more fun than stomping.