Friday, July 15, 2005

Dog Days

Is anybody as bored as I am with the continuing "controversy" over who "outed" Valerie Plame? This whole thing went down the rabbit hole months and months and months ago.
Joe Wilson lied, time after time. Karl Rove did not and it's a crime. Yes it's a crime unless it's not. But who told who and who said what? It matters much, and not a lot. Now you must go investigate, and if you try we'll obsfucate. We'll go to jail and make a fuss. We can't betray the public trust! Cause it's all lies but it's all true. And it's all red but it's all blue. Let's run aground the Ship of State! And off with his head, but no no wait... And off with his head but, no no wait...

Meanwhile, Rome burns.


Anonymous said...

yeah - really shaky constructs here.

Have you checked into the background of Fitzgerald? He was instrumental in prosecuting and nailing *many* organized-crime cases in New York years gone by. Rabbit hole? I don't think so.

The fact that he smells blood should tell you something

spd rdr said...

What "something" should that bit of information tell me? That there has been an organized crime committed? This whole kerfuffle looks pretty disorganized to me. Call me when something important when the Dems put forth their plan to reform Social Security.

portia said...

Anonymous, you're right about, Fitzgerald. While he was in US Attorney's office, SDNY, during the 90's he had a unvarnished reputation for being unrelenting and independent. He is responsible for prosecuting the blink Egyptian sheik in connection with 1993 WTC bombing as well as the head of the Gambino family. He's been referred to as "Elliot Ness with a Harvard Law Degree."

The fact that he continued to play hardball with Cooper after Time magazine released Copper's notes ("it is clear to us we need [Cooper's] testimony perhaps more so than in the past.") suggests to me that either the testimony he has heard or the documents he has reviewed, don't jive.

Who knows, there may or may not be a legal story here but there is a political one--just as most certainly there would be if this had occurred during the Clinton administration. I'm left with the question that as the number 2, 3--whatever number--man in the White House, shouldn't he have an obligation--a responsibility--to determine Valerie Plume's status as a CIA officer (which he claims he didn't know) before he mentions her name to an investigative reporter...and from Time magazine no less? Sounds downright careless--if not reckless--to me. I know, I know but Wilson lied....

The way I see it: Rove resigns, it's a one day story; he stays on and we get to twist along with him--and watch Washington at its worst--until the next election. Different players, same mud slinging game.

In that case spd, you might as well table talk of Social Security until you start collecting it:)

spd rdr said...

You're right that its a political story, Portia, and one that he Dems and the media are plainly exploiting for all its worth. My point is only that its not worth the attention of the entire U.S. government when their are bigger issues to confront. If all you want is Rove's head because he's Doctor Evil then what does that say about your priorities?
This circus is ridiculous.

portia said...

Because he's Doctor Evil? Never said that. Because he's a huge distraction, and I dare say, increasing liability in the ways of governance? You bet. Like you, I'd rather the White House devote its time and talent to matters that matter but until Rove falls off the front pages (one way or another), the circus will stay in town, and "no comment" sound bites will be the day's news.

If you want any updates on Rome burning, check the back pages of the first section...I think I saw a blurb or two.