Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live B8

While everyone else is going to be glued to the tube today to watch geezers Bono, et al, strike a pose for hunger in Africa, I'm going to load up the ol' I-pod with some new sounds and boogaloo down by the backyard pool. Maybe coax a mermaid or two while I'm at it.

And the business will shake hands and talk in numbers
And the princess will wake up from her slumber
Than all the knights will step forth with their arm bands
And ev'ry stranger you meet in the street will make demands

So believe no lies, then dry your eyes and realize
That surprise


It appears that, during my long-weeks absences from Casa rdr, the House and Garden faeries have not been holding up their end of the devil’s bargain. There are weeds sprouting everywhere, my private domain (the garage) is in complete disarray, and the battery in Porsche is dead, preventing any escape from the clutches of that nemesis “Honey Dew.”
Rather than simply succumb to the siren song of “he who complains about stuff unruly,” I am jettisoning my earthly persona in favor of “that who sure as hell gets stuff done with out whining, dammit.”
Yeah, HIM.


Jehane said...

I couldn't make up mind whether this fit better on this thread or the other one...

I wasn't going to bring this up, but since you mentioned it, perhaps the funniest thing about this weekend is that I could have had backstage passes to Live8 in Philly and for some unknown reason, *turned them down*.

What in the name of God is wrong with me???

I'll tell you what - I'm 46 and I have a family. And now I'm going to go have a drink.

Responsibility bites :D

spd rdr said...

Who needs passes, anyway?

Jehane said...

Well now that you mention it, I *was* hearing my own music most of yesterday anyway... :D

portia said...

Punk meets flamenco guitar? Man, that is some crazy sh*t, in an over the top sexy, foot-stomping Balkan kind of way. I listened to a couple of tracks on I-Tunes and I couldn't decide whether to smash some plates or do the polka. Heh. With music like that, who needs Red Bull?

spd rdr said...

Yeah, punk polka. It's high time. Did you download it, Portia?

portia said...

Yeah, a couple of them. Ave. B and Madacasgar will get your feet tapping. Brighton Beach will never be the same.

Oh, thank god for I-Tunes' "shuffle" feature. Borscht, meet the blues: Susan Tedeschi's smoking Lost Lover Blues from her "Live in Austin" CD is up now. She can out Bonnie, Bonnie.

spd rdr said...


portia said...

Do you know her? Her "Live from Austin" is her best. Check out It Hurt--it hurt--it hurt so bad and I Fell in Love too.