Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Okay, so every once in a while a story appears that just grabs you in all the wrong places. Here's today's story of soridness, dirty money, and city politics.

In the upper left corner of the country there is a place called Seattle. You know the place, its in King County, Washington where people can vote Democrat more times than there are people to vote. Home to Starbucks, Liberal Larry, and also Frank Colacurcio Sr. You may not know Frank, Sr. or his fair-haired boy, Frank, Jr., but they are what you call "strip-club magnates". Hey, everybody's got to earn a living, right? Anyway Frank, Sr. is a helluva guy. A little bit of history with the law, maybe, but otherwise an an upstanding citizen . Frank, Sr. likes to be a force in his community. So like any good American, he donates to the campaings of those who best represent his personal views.
Its no surprise then that the obvious choice for a strip club magnate to funnel cash to would be none other than a "Fearless Woman!" Yes, Judy Nicastro, fearless woman who "while at University of Washington, started CORE (Community Organizing Rape Education) program to bring together community members and university administration to deal with issues of rape and violence. Obtained funding to open a Sexual Assault Center." Judy Nicastro, "self-described fighter for the underdog" and "populist street fighter" who honed her remarkable political talents to a fine edge while being simulatneously both pro-tenant and pro-developer! Judy Nicastro, fearless fighting woman and City Council person who unabashedly took more than $15 thou from Frank, Sr. in illegal campaign contributions to help him with a parking lot problem. Judy, Judy, Judy Nicastro, a Seattle city councilwoman with both Green and Democratic ties.

The second oldest professional.


KJ said...

Well, I read the last two articles you linked and could find no mention of her party affiliation. Since the last link had to do with a scandal, and mentioned no party, I assume it was either a non-partisan race or a Democrat.

spd rdr said...

Actually, I meant to link to another scandal sheet where she was being excoriated by the Greens for not backing Nader because it would diminish support for Gore. I was able to deduce from the various sources that at least two of the three City Council members who received illegal fubnding from the Strip Club Mogul were affiliated with the Democratic party (although the City Council itself is non-partisan). For example.