Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Closed Captioned for the Captioning Impaired

This was supposed to go into Cass' Latest Caption Contest, but then, just like a woman, she got all antsy and cut the responses off. If this is any example of the weighty responses she is sure to get, I can't imagine why.

#1: "Yeah, Bob, my rocket used to blast-off before the countdown reached zero. But now that I've found "Hydro-Boost" with "Stay-a-Thon," I'm able to put my baby into orbit with half the throw-weight of conventional exploratory vehicles."


Jehane said...

Smart aleck. My comments have been down for about 2 hours.

Unfortunate, because I had a particularly amusing one regarding a certain attorney we all know and love queued up for you to loftily ignore (as usual) and since I was up working all night last night I will probably have forgetten it ere morning.

spd rdr said...

"A certain attorney" means KJ. I am, without question, an "uncertain attorney."

Jehane said...

I think my favorite word in college is appropriate here: you are a dubious attorney.

More nuanced.